Growing up with a photographer father, it often fell to my mother and me to carry his camera gear as he photographed in the western parts of the country. It was on one of his trips when I took my first surreptitious photograph – of Hollywood “Indians” on the set of a western movie in northeast Oregon. Years later, as my photographic passion grew, I decided to follow my dream, left a career as an urban planner and enrolled in the Rocky Mountain School of Photography in Missoula, Montana.

Carrying my own camera since that time has provided me more authentic opportunities to witness peoples’ lives and unique experiences: Portraiture has opened up different lifestyles, professions and cultures, from farmers to ceramic artists, Buddhists to Sikhs; Assignment photography has shown me the empathy and efficiency of disaster responders and the training and perseverance of those in law enforcement; A personal project on hospice and palliative care took me back to my own volunteer work and provided insight into those unique individuals who ensure people spend their last days with dignity and grace; and a project on religious diversity in Iowa has exposed me to the culture and values of immigrants who have chosen to make Des Moines, Iowa their home. I am also an on-call photographer for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

My work has been published, among other places, by Drake University, DSM Magazine, the Leopold Center For Sustainable Agriculture and Growing For Market Magazine. I was also honored to have an image included in training slideshows by Patagonia.  My photography is also featured in two books: A Spectrum of Faith, World Religions in America's Heartland, published by the Drake Community Press and Religions of Beijing, published by Bloomsbury Publishing Inc.

Let’s Work on your Next Project

I am located in the Midwest and specialize in editorial photography, assignment photography and environmental portraiture. I am available to travel to your location for assignments and even on short notice, if you have an urgent project. I have experience traveling in extreme conditions and inconvenient living situations, and do so with good humor, while helping others to do the same. I am comfortable in planning and giving public presentations, including slideshows and video on behalf of your organization’s needs and requirements. 

Please contact me  to talk about photographing your next project!